Do what you love, become an expert and money will follow you Posted By Ritu

Do what you love, become an expert and money will follow you
What if Sachin Tendulkar would have chosen to do Job in any organization! Or Lata Mangeshkar would have chosen to become a housewife? How weird it sounds!! These Legends chose to follow their heart instead of following the orthodox pattern of getting educated, doing a job and getting settled with family. These two icons have not only followed their heart but they achieved lot of fame and wealth too.

Following our heart means following our passion, when we follow our passion, we do the things right from heart; we give our 100% in what we love. We will never be bored of the task we love to do. Every time we find a new way to do it or get a new trick to ease the task. 

How to follow our heart? How to deal with expectations of family?

Answers of the above questions lie within you. When one decides to do what he wants dedicate, he makes it anyhow done with the determination. Once we take the initial step to overcome the orthodox mindset, what a man can’t do. Story of life doesn’t ends here in following the heart, rather it’s the beginning of our success story. 

The Mantra behind says "Follow Your Heart " get proficient and money will follow itself”. Following heart is incomplete without tasting success. It is often said that wealth and success follow the fortunate people. But the truth is we have to build our fortune with efforts of hard work and following passion.

Take a moment to recall and make your Dreams Live, even if it asks for a little effort of learning. ( Give heart a chance, Either it will find a way or make one! 

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