Do You Have The Characteristics To Be A Software Tester? Posted By Komal

Do You Have The Characteristics To Be A Software Tester?
I have a friend who has been in the field of software testing for the past five years.  Before I met her, I had thought the field was mostly filled with logical, nerdy and boring people.  But she is the most liveliest and friendly person amongs my circle of friends. She sees defects and faults everywhere she looks.  “A side effect”, of her job, she often good natured jokes.  Since meeting her, I have met several other software testers, who are the friendliest and brightest people I know. She got her training at software testing institute in pune.

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Characteristics Of Software Testers

This led me to wonder about the kind of personality or characteristics a person must possess in order to be competent and successful in this field. 

  1. Consider The End User:   Always put yourself in the mindset of the end user, the customer.  Think about every angle that every potential user will think from and use the product for, so that you can catch all the errors and bugs. The goal is to make sure the user is happy with the product and it is easy to use.  
  2. Intuitive:  Many testers develop their intuition skills as they progress in their job. They can tell when going through a certain function, that it will not work, just as a police officer can hypothesize when an individual is lying or hiding something. 
  3. Eye For Detail:  Question everything you see and scrutinize the purpose of every functionality and application in the product.  Pay attention to the tiny details to catch any inaccuracies that may pop up.
  4. Consider All Perspectives:  Your end user could be anybody from a child to an elderly person.  Put yourself in their shoes and analyze the product from their expectations to catch all the bugs.  
  5. Investigative:  This is the most basic skill for all tester ,Learn to analyse  everything in the software to develop your analyzing skills, so that the customer has a product free of bugs in their hands.  
  6. Don’t Blame:  Mistakes happen.  That’s why your job exists. So, don’t get into the habit of blaming and instead develop your teamwork skills.  Learn to work together to deliver a great end product free of defects.  A successful product reflects well upon you, the team and the company, benefiting everyone involved in the process.
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These are some of the more popular attributes of software testers.  So, ask yourself if you have these characteristics and then enter into the field confidently by joining best software testing course in pune The above mentioned can also be learned and developed as you immerse yourself in this field and through time and practice, you can develop the traits needed to be successful as a software tester.    

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