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Discover What Is Important With Brain Activities
The rise to power, money, career ambitions, and competitiveness all take its toll on a person.  As people become more and more mind oriented, ignoring the S.O.S signals from the body, and running after their career goals, they increase the chances of burnout and breakdown at a much younger age, compared to their previous generations.  An example everybody can relate to and understand can be seen in the movie Guru, where Abhishek Bachchan has a heart attack at a very young age due to the stress of trying to grow his business.  
Since the industrial revolution the advances in technology and engineering have propelled the growth of mankind exponentially.  The more and more things become automated, to make more free time for us, the more stressed we seem to be?  Why is this?  The things that we used to take the time to do were the things that filled our time.  A simple chore meant having people work together to get the job done.  The connection we formed during these activities filled our lives with richness and made our lives meaningful.  So, that when you looked back on your life, you would see a life well lived surrounded by people that helped you in times of need and shared the laughter and joy with you during good times.  But with the advancement of technology, the need for groups of people working together and helping each other out, has disappeared, creating individuals all busy with their own lives and running after their own ambitions for power, money, prestige, etc.  This race to the finish line is causing people to burn out at a young age, due to stress and causing mental and physical breakdowns.  Furthermore, the lack of communities working together has created gaps between people and eliminated the bonds of kindness, caring and love.  
This occurrence in society has created the need for classes like stress management, creating positive thoughts, energy healing, etc.  These classes have emerged to help people to slow down, re-prioritize their life/goals and change the per-existing conditioning of the mind, so that they can reprogram their mind and learn to respond differently in times of stress and difficulties, thereby reducing the stresses placed on the body, which causes the breakdowns.  By enrolling in these brain activities classes, you can re-learn the art of living and discover what is truly important in life.  That your career is meant to add to your life, not be the main part. This misconception can easily be corrected by learning to slow down and discover the many facets that life has to offer, only one of which is work/career.  

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