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Discover The Secret To Your Happiness!
It has become somewhat of a cliché statement. Everybody using the phrase “Body, Mind, and Soul/Spirit”.  But what does it mean?  What is the secret behind the importance of balancing these three aspects of what is essentially, “Who we are”?                

The body is the outer representation of the mind and the mind is the inner representation of the body.  Okay, so now that we got that cleared up!  Just joking.  Let me explain further.  An example we can all relate to: when we feel stressed by the pressures of our job, one of the first signs in our body is a headache.  Your mind is tired and needs a break and how does it tell you, you get a headache.  So, instead of taking a tablet to relieve the tension, do something to relax yourself and the headache will disappear on its own.  Ok, that takes care of Body and Mind. But what about Soul?  That is simple, when both these things are functioning at a normal level, it is easy to take care of your soul with meditation, for example.  Slipping into a silent state is that much easier when your body and mind are relaxed.  So, there we go Body, Mind, and Soul.  So, how do we take care of ourselves so that these three are in balance?

The Body:
  How do we take care of the body?  The obvious answers are eating properly and exercising.  Let’s address the first point – eating properly.  Are you conscious of what you put in your body?  Do you make sure to eat healthily?  If you care about your body and what you put into it, then eat out less and make more wholesome and homemade meals.   There are hundreds of cooking classes in Pune, where you can learn to cook a variety of cuisines, that will wet your appetite and satisfy your palette.  The second point – exercise.  What is your exercise routine or do you even have one?  If walking or jogging seems boring or tedious to you, there are many classes offering a variety of fitness regimes that will give your body the workout it needs.  Take a yoga class, Zumba, aerobics, you name it and you can find it. 

The Mind:
  So, you’re taking care of your body and now it is time to take care of the mind, by keeping it in a relaxed and in a happy state. How do we do that?  Simple, enjoy life by exploring all it has to offer and teach you.  Take a good look at what interests you.  Maybe you have always had a dream to learn photography.  So find a class in your area and join a photography class in pune . Do something for yourself that you love. Something that will re-focus your attention away from work, home, family and focus the attention on, You.  By doing this, taking the time for yourself, your outlook on life will be more positive and you will be in a relaxed state of mind.

The Soul:
  Okay, we’re taking care of our body, doing something we love to relax the mind, now the last and final step, our Soul.  In order for you to live a truly peaceful and happy life, there needs to some element of the spiritual, otherwise, you will always feel incomplete and empty.  So, I’m not asking you to go the temple regularly and pray and fast.  No, not unless you want to.  Try a meditation class.  It is the best way to bring inner peace, unity and balance into your life.

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