Disappear Into Your Creativity Like Folded Origami Posted By Nivedita

Disappear Into Your Creativity Like Folded Origami
A few months back, we went to a friend’s house and there decorated on one of their walls was hundreds of butterflies, origami butterflies, in all different colors.  It was a stunning sight to behold and spoke volumes about the person, who went to such lengths to hand make each butterfly to decorate their home with.  Moreover, it displayed the creative potential of the wife.  I had never seen origami used as a means of decorating one’s home.  It was creative genius.
Origami, a hobby many indulge in, is not just about shaping colorful squares of paper into shapes and animals, it is about exploring one’s own creativity.  You can join a hobby class  on origami and learn how to make different things with the small pieces of paper, but what you do with the shapes you create is entirely dependent on the extent of your own creative imagination.  Like the wife of my husband’s friend we were visiting, she took something as simple as origami and turned her home into a work of art. Moreover, she added her own personal touch to her home, adding beauty and warmth to it.  This display of artwork is even more beneficial for their son, who is more right brained and is into science.  By seeing his mother engage in origami making, he also participates with her and learns to make different animals and shapes, creating a bond between mother and son and allowing for equal development of his brain by engaging the more creative side, the left.  
You also can discover the world of origami by taking a class and learning how to create different kinds of things with, simple pieces of paper.  A beautiful hobby for the whole family to partake in.  Discover the joys of origami making and unleash your own creativity and find out new ways to display the various things you create with the small squares of colorful paper.  

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