Dance Resides In All Of Us – Find The Dancer Within Thru Belly Dancing Posted By Annalakshmi

Dance Resides In All Of Us – Find The Dancer Within Thru Belly Dancing
About four or five years ago, a friend of ours, took my husband and I to a talent show, where a number of people put on a show to display their talents, hence the name Talent Show.  I don’t remember the performances very well today, except for one, which stands out in my mind.  I remember every detail like it happened yesterday.                 

There was a young lady, with silky golden hair, not very slim, definitely not a size zero, as many are obsessed with, but in good shape, an hourglass figure, and she came out in a lavish costume of orange, pink and red and performed a breath-taking belly dance.   I can still remember the way she danced, the confidence she displayed as she seduced the audience with her hip movements.  Just sitting there watching her shake her hips, in ways I didn’t even know was possible, my hips hurt.  I’ve seen belly dancing in movies, as I’m sure many people have, a stunning woman dancing in the background.  But to see it live, was another experience altogether.  The way her whole body moved, her feet, her arms and of course her hips.  She performed this one step where she bent backwards while shimming her hips, that left me stunned.  Her flexibility, strength and elegance were too beautiful to describe in words. 

After seeing her perform, I of course became curious about the dance myself and tried to find a dance school to learn.  It took many months, but eventually I found one.  My friend and I signed up and went excitedly to our first lesson, only to be sadly disappointed.  The class was cancelled because of lack of interest.  It seemed we were the only two who had signed up for the belly dance classes.  I didn’t try again.  It’s just a memory now, an unfulfilled wish. 

Now, several years later, I still wonder if it’s too late for me to learn.  Recently, I was looking through the dance classes on Classboat and came across SO many belly dancing classes, right here in Pune.  I wonder, if my friend and I should try again.  Maybe it’s not too late yet.  Belly Dancing, I wonder!

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