Avatar And Learning Digital Art Posted By Nitya

Avatar And Learning Digital Art
Are you mesmerized by the CGI you see in movies such as Avatar or perhaps in video games like Starcraft 2?  Do you sit for hours that feel like minutes to you, on the computer just doodling or drawing and exploring your artistic talent?  If so, you belong to the newer generation, the modern generation that can see the positive and the potential of the latest technology, not for programming, but for creating Art!
Like all potential artists before you, they too probably faced opposition and felt misunderstood at home.  But here is your chance to express to your family the possibilities and the reality in pursuing a career in Digital Art.  There are many schools  you can choose from within Pune, to pursue this hobby at present, and change it into a rewarding career.  A career of your choosing, doing something you love, expressing yourself thru art, using modern technology.  Visit digital art classes in pune on classboat.com
A career in this field can range from working in films n televisions using CGI or joining video game companies and producing the graphics for the games or becoming a digital artist. An artist who sketches and paints with their hands, but not with the traditional tools.  Digital artists, instead use a stylus, mouse, or tablet to create their masterpieces.  
So, explore your creative talents and join a media school and learn how to use popular software such as Flash Professional, Mudbox, GoAnimate and much more.  Transfer your artistic ability from paper to the computer and give life to your drawings.  Take your creativity to a newer level and explore the opportunities that await you in the world of digital art.  

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