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Create Your Bucket List Of Hobbies
With the merging of technology in our lives, we have huge amounts of free time available to us.  Here is a look at the top ten most popular hobbies people are getting into with their free time. Visit

Crafts – Turning useless things lying around in the house into treasures. 

Cooking – the more you cook, the tastier your food will become and the more you will enjoy cooking.  Try joining a cooking class to start you of. 

Painting – Paint things lying around your house like, mugs, plates etc. to start you off and then move to canvases and invest some time in a painting class.  It is the most therapeutic way to deal with stress. 

Exercise Classes – Find a gym near you or join a zumba or yoga class.  A great way to get fit and release the built up tensions of the day.

Calligraphy – A great way to slow down and take the time to write a hand written note or invitation to dear ones.

Photography – Your camera phone will only take you so far.  Buy yourself a DSLR camera and join a photography class.  Learn the techniques in 
photography courses in pune get out into the world and start clicking. You might even be able to sell your photos and earn some extra cash, while you’re at it.
Embroidery – It is surprisingly very soothing and a great way to slow down from the faced paced lives we live.  Plus it’s a great way to enjoy a rainy day, sitting inside on your sofa, embroidering anything you want

Meditation – Set aside some time and pick a quiet place. It can be anywhere, a park, your home or the beach.  A quiet place to spend some time with your eyes closed just watching your breathing.

Become a DJ – Join a class and learn the basics.  Enroll in 
dj classes in pune.
Pottery – Get lost in the feel of clay between your hands while creating various items like vases, mugs, etc. 

So, I guess the only thing that remains is to decide what you are going to do with all your free time.  Or if there is something you are enjoying right now, that is not on our list, tell us about it.

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