Cows, Stones, Coins and Paper Currency Paving The Way Into Banking Posted By Chaitrali

Cows, Stones, Coins and Paper Currency Paving The Way Into Banking
Before money came into existence, or even the idea of it, people used to trade goods for other goods or services, also known as the barter system.  For example: 3 sheep for a cow was commonly traded.  It wasn’t just livestock that was used in bartering, people have used rice, gold, silver, copper, precious stones, seashells and even bat guano(shit).  The first traces money is recorded back to 12,000 years ago, by the Chinese who used copper or bronze coins for trading.  Moreover, it was in China that the first traces of paper money can be found being used.  It took over 500 years for the Europeans to adopt the Chinese way of exchanging goods/services by using paper currency.  

Classboat offers many good  Banking classes in pune and Banking classes in Mumbai. As long as human beings have existed some kind of financial transaction method has also existed simultaneously, whether it was cows, stones, metals or the presently used paper money.   So it is not surprising that many young graduates seek out positions in the banking sector to secure their future.  However, with a sizeable population all competing for the same jobs, it is a highly competitive field, one that rewards only the most determined.  Getting a job in a government bank, which is the most secure position you can hold in your career, requires you to firstly pass the government banking exams through banking classes in pune which are tough and require hours of sincere studying.  However, it is not something an aspiring young graduate needs to face alone as there are many Banking classes in pune whose only aim is to help you pass your exam so that you can begin the next step of appearing for your interview in the bank of your choice.  There are many IBPS PO classes in punesbi po classes in punerbi classes in pune

This next step can feel even more gruesome as the interview is one of the toughest to pass.  However, here again, young graduates are not left alone, as the instructors of the bank exam coaching will  equip you tips and tricks to passing the interview so that you can finally sit in the job of your choice and in the bank of your choice.  So, as mentioned earlier, only the most determined and ambitious of individuals will make the cut in this highly tough field, which is also the most secure career to step into, since money has existed since the dawn of mankind.  

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