Connection of Crafts with Festivals & Indian Economy Posted By Gunjan

Connection of Crafts with Festivals & Indian Economy
Art and Craft are not only connected to the activities listed under them. Instead it has several connections to different cultures, festivals and traditions. We can connect it to any festival, lets talk here about Diwali as it is upcoming and most awaited festival. What is Diwali?? What kind of festival it is? Everyone knows the concept behind it and also the rituals followed. Even it can be said that everyone gives has its own meaning and own connection of Diwali. Children wait for Diwali to buy new clothes, crackers, eating sweets and getting gifts. Some people just follow the trends and start pre-preparations like renovating house or getting it painted and cleaning the every household item so as to evacuate the negativity with the dirt. Some of them seriously follow the traditions dedicatedly with all rituals and ceremonies.

More than a festival, Diwali brings abundance of Business in the pre Diwali span for Indian Economy. It starts months ago from the manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers and reaches to consumers fortnight or a month prior to Diwali. Large scale industries take this much time but there are small scale industries and Art & Craft Classes which are based upon the pre Diwali time it can be a month or few days. Such small organizations get most of the boost either during summer classes or Diwali. These conduct different activities like Candle making, Perfume Making, Rangoli Making, Lantern Making, Diwali Sweets and Namkeens, Mehendi, Flower Decoration, Gift Wrapping, Card Making etc.

We people should encourage the “Make-In-India” concept introduced by our Prime Minister, so as to push the Indian market and give a weightage to small scale industries and organizations. Let’s take part in “Make In India” approach and learn our kind of Craft.

Light your own candles, sprinkle the handmade perfume and let the world smell the essence of Indian craft.

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