Computer Basics - A Necessity In Today's World Posted By Mayuri

Computer Basics - A Necessity In Today
Early in my career, as a trainer, I would conduct workshops for students of all ages at my college, on Computer Basics.  It was at a time when computers were just starting to be affordable, that every home could have one.  Therefore, there were many people, who were very unfamiliar with using a computer and basic software such as Word or Excel.  While the younger students were excited to learn, the older students were shy and nervous.
Learning something new can be either an exciting adventure or something we fear and the outcome of the lessons is highly dependent on the teacher.  If you have a kind and understanding teacher, then you will not feel shy to ask questions, which other teachers might perceive to be stupid.  Because, as all teachers know, there is no such thing as a stupid question  So, when I was conducting these workshops, I would patiently and gently approach any student who was a bit slower and had difficulty grasping the concept of ctrl + s, for example.  Since, it was a college and the times were rapidly changing, with the world on the brink of the technological age, it was essential for these students to learn to use the computer and learn word, so that they could hand in their assignments and any other course related work, typed and researched on a computer.  
Presently, the world has become one that is dependent on technology.  If you are unfamiliar with computers, your chances of success are considerably less. So, joining a basics class on computers is a must for you, whether, you learn to use the internet, MS office or any other basic software.  So, carefully take the time to find a class with a good teacher, who will patiently teach and guide you in learning the basics, so that you can become confident with using a computer.  After building your foundation knowledge, you can then explore everything else that is available for you on the web and the computer.  

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