Computer Basics - A Must Known Posted By Tanvi

Computer Basics  - A Must Known
I often ask my mom to learn to computer basics, surf internet and use whatsapp and facebook not as much as I do but just to make her a bit tech friendly. She understands the concept that through some processor or anything these chats and exchanging of videos and images takes place and keeps asking me about whether I had any chat with my masi or does my sister has sent me latest pics of her kids? She knows all this is being done through internet, but what how it works she does not.

I and my younger brother have tried a no. of times to teach her computer basics such as to power on the PC now laptop, refresh, paint, notepad, accessing internet by just clicking the browser icon and one or two things more. She learns very keenly but with the growing age learning becomes slower.

Learning Computer makes one familiar with use of computer and with few words like internet, software, shut down, desktop, CPU, icons, screen, hardware, etc. We have reached in the era where we can’t survive without internet and smart phones. It is mandatory for everyone to at least learn basics of computer.

Housewives, old age people and kids are required to learn Computer Basics. Once it is learned it will help kids to build future knowledge of and skill with computer and get basics of the technical knowledge.

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