Compelling Storytelling For Business Posted By Namrata

Compelling Storytelling For Business
As children, in nursery and primary school [Kids Daycare], we are taught many valuable lessons that we still remember and follow.  Our teachers used stories to convey to us values, morals, ethics etc.  The easiest way to capture a child’s attention is through storytelling.  This ingenious way to spread knowledge is now trickling down into college classrooms and corporate training sessions as well.  There is no better way to reach people quicker and improve their knowledge than with stories; stories that embed lessons that are unforgettable. 
In today’s fast paced corporate training world, transferring knowledge to your employees can be difficult. Capturing their attention long enough to pass on the necessary information can be even more difficult with employees who have such short attention spans.  To combat this difficulty, successful trainers have developed a method of telling stories for transfer of knowledge to corporate employees.  A skill that is easy to learn, since we all can draw upon our own life experiences to create and deliver stories with strategic messages in them, which are relevant to the employees.  As leaders, developing this skill will only enhance your leadership skills  
[ Personality development Training ] making you an effective and motivating leader. 
Learn the significance of telling storytelling [ Parenting Training ] to deliver important lesson, which will remain with the listener.  Gain the skills to create various story structures and how to overcome difficulties in creating the story.  The hands-on experience you will gain in this seminar, creating, writing and presenting your story, will equip you with the skills needed to be a successful leader in your business. 

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