Celebration Begins by Crafting your Imagination Posted By Gunjan

Celebration Begins by Crafting your Imagination
Last Diwali when I was standing in the Balcony of my home watching the crackers burn in  captivating patterns, colorful lights, lamps and Diyas at everyone’s house, kids enjoying fireworks, few ladies who were ending up with their mesmerizing Rangolis, some people were worshipping the Goddess Laxmi with all the rituals.. which gave the feeling that how involved we are into our traditions and festivals. May be the present generation must be enjoying because of new clothes, fancy items such as attractive candles, lamps, gifts, sweets, lighting, rangoli or flower decoration or something else. Suddenly I turned around looking in my home the stuff pleasing to me was fascinating aroma in the house, the colourful floating candles, beautifully wrapped gifts, different shades of light coming from Orange and yellow lamps, hand painted Diyas, sweets like Ghujiya, Bessan ki Mithai and Chiki…. Mmmm its all Mouth watering!!

The essence of being everything so attractive is not only the things being new or colourful, rather it’s a personal touch. My mother did it all since a month ago or may be more than that. I could feel it as I closely saw her while she was crafting gift wraps or making candles in various colours as per the variation of interiors from living room to rooms or dining area, or smelling every aroma prior to make the best perfume to scent intense in the house and making of Gujiya right from its dough. I can connect it to when I make personalized Greeting Cards for Birthdays of my friends.

I am inspired a lot from my mother and I decided that this Diwali I am gonna help her in each task but I want to do it all by myself by learning such innovative Craft and my creativity so I fumbled google and got a rationale platform where I found all the classes at one place even more of it. I was on cloud 9 and my imagination got wings thinking of my would be achievements this Diwali.

Wishing you a Crafty Diwali!!

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