A country is known by its creative and cultural ethos. In India creativity is an ancient custom dating back to pre historic times, As a Country ,India is known for its Unity in diversity,To think ahead to create design ventures for culturally encompassed , understanding the requirements of the nations youth and quenching demands of the fast growing design industry, learning the  ergonomics with the advent of technology intervening the industrial space. The designers had to be par with the changing environment of the Design specialization and optimizing the requirements of the industrial demand.Creative industries consist of Industrial design, advertisement, architecture,craft design, fashion, music and performing arts, publishing, research & development, software, toys and games, film radio and television, video games etc. Recently the growth in creative industry in India has taken the world by storm.

This sector is a prominent employer averaging between 4 to 6 percent of the total workforce of the economy. FICCI – KPMG have conducted a study recently estimating that India’s media and entertainment industry is expected to grow at 15% over the next 5 years touching INR 1.4 trillio Design Media Edutainment School has the vision to encompass the demand in the creative education focusing more on Art &Design, Media Studies, Animation and Visual Effects, our focus is to bridge the gap between the formal education with creative exponential field. Our Design Media School Is a research arm of Design Media Edutainment Solutions, Is completely dedicated to higher levels of interdisciplinary research & training in the fields of art and design. Design Media Edutainment Schools, looks into the future demands in the creative industry and Entertainment industries and  instrumental in creating skilled manpower for the industry. Design Media School stands unique in teaching methodology and training standards. Here we promote design study, research and promotional activities as a part of our curriculum. We are way ahead of the time in educating student in Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and IOT. Our core expertise is in Animation, graphic designing and visual effects. We offer animation courses in pune, graphic designing classes in pune and vfx classes in pune. Animation & Visual effects has shown tremendous growth for the past 5 years. This is evident because the global companies like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Digital Domain, Double Negative, Delux India, Technicolor have tied up with Indian animation companies and some of them has opened their own studios in India.  
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The Indian entertainment and creative industry is growing at a fast pace and is absorbing the global as well as the domestic revolution initiated by the animation industry. We have to watch this space and we need more and more younger generation creative individuals to come and learn the right skills to take up creative challenges.

Mrs. Sridevi Sathish - Director- Design Media & Edutainment School

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