Bold Fashion Designs on Display At The Times and Trends Annual Fashion Show Posted By Annalakshmi

Bold Fashion Designs on Display At The Times and Trends Annual Fashion Show
Times and Trends Academy is one of the best Fashion Design institutes in pune. Being able to witness the magic of a fashion show, is not a privilege many in the city are blessed with.  It can be an unforgettable experience for both the designers and the audience members.  Recently, the city hosted the annual Times and Trends fashion show, which was a magical night filled with colors, music and unbridled talent proudly on display that astonished every audience member.  Being a witness to raw talent on display encourages other aspiring fashion design students to boldly take the plunge and follow their passions.

Pune city, along with the rest of the country, has witnessed dramatic changes in ways of life in the recent couple of decades, which has left the older generations feeling like a fish out of water.  Avenues of career choices that were not available have emerged as institutes such as times and trends academy ,offer your talented individuals  the freedom to boldly pursue their passions and explore their creativity, rather than choosing the regular professions in IT, medical or law.  The new avenue being made available has thousands flocking to such institutes and unleashing their creative potential, such as that displayed at the international TTA fashion show.  The designs created by the students were worn by professional local and international models.  The amount of raw talent on display could not be called amateur work.  The training undergone by the aspiring fashion design students allowed them to boldly experiment with their imagination so that they could compete with seasoned designers after graduating.  A clear example of the success awaiting graduating students is the past graduate, alumni mentor and lead costume designer to Bollywood movies such as Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani, Chandrakant Sonawane.  A man, who after completing his education in fashion design, struggled for a chance to have his work seen and accepted.  His hard work and dedication paid off after being chosen for the successful Bollywood film, Bajirao Mastani.  Such success stories shine as a beacon of hope for those treading through the path less traveled to become successful entrepreneurs in their chosen field of fashion design.  

TTA offers fashion designing courses in pune. Whether fashion design students aspire to work in Bollywood, fashion houses in the world, create their own brand or own a simple small boutique, their dreams could not be fulfilled if not for the training centers ,such as Times and trends Academy  offering something the previous generation could only dream of – Money, fame and peace of mind.  Today’s younger generation can now have what only few individuals from the previous generations could achieve, which is peace of mind.  Peace of mind, which can only be found by being allowed to follow your dreams to explore your passions in fashion design and enroll in fashion designing courses in pune

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