Birds Chirping, Sun Rising & Sitar Morning Raga’s Posted By Lakshmi

Birds Chirping, Sun Rising & Sitar Morning Raga’s
Indian classical music is known for the silence it creates, though not all classical music players can create the spaces of silence.  The kind of music that comes out of the Indian classical instrument, the Sitar, is entirely dependent on the player. If the sitar player is playing from a place of peace, calm and from his/her heart, then the music has the power to transport you deeply into yourself where the silence exists.  Therefore, a musician’s talent lies not only in playing the instrument, but how they play it as well.  Interested in learning sitar, book a demo class in sitar classes in pune on classboat.
Ravi Shankar was the most famous sitar player that was well known all around the world, for the beautiful music he created on his sitar.  But if you are a lover of classical music or sitar music then you are familiar with Vilayat Khan, Allauddin Khan, Ravi Shankar’s daughter, Anoushka Shankar and even George Harrison of the Beatles, though he only fiddled with it for a short time.  George Harrison was responsible for creating music history by adding the sitar to rock music creating “the sitar explosion” in the western world.  Learn sitar history in sitar classes in pune.
Learning  to play the sitar means embracing your culture and tradition because the Sitar was invented solely for the purpose of playing Indian classical music. I, often play sitar music in the mornings when I wake up.  It seems to capture the essence of the whole world waking up and the break from the silence of the night and awakening to the sounds of nature.  It complements the morning beautifully, starting your day with the melodies of the sitar, which fills you with a sense of peace and serenity.  If just listening to the music can have this effect on a person, playing the sitar a gift you give to yourself and those around you.  A true master of the sitar has to lose him/herself to the instrument and Learn to play with their heart and soul.  The feelings pouring from your heart through your fingers and finding its way into the heart again, the heart of the listener.  So, if you want to embrace your culture and bring meaning to your life by adding love and peace to it, embrace learning the sitar and discover what it has to offer.  Join sitar classes in pune.

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