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Bharatnatyam - Pride of India
Ta Thai Tatta Thai, The very basics of Indian classical dance form known to us since childhood. India is no where less in heritage, culture, music, dance forms, crafts, sports and other activities. India has been known for its diversities world wide since years. People around the world come to India to experience this heritage of culture, nature and diversity whether in any art form.

We have one of the seven Wonders of World - Taj Mahal situated in Agra, a symbol of true love. In the same way different art forms belong to different states or cities. Indian musical instruments like santoor, sarod, damru, dholak, shehnai and many more have set their place world wide since long. So, the oldest dance forms of Indian classical music like Katthak, Kuchchipudi, Bharatnatyam or Odissi play a vital role in Music and Dance Industry.  

Learning of Indian classical dance forms is said to be learning of all forms of dance as the steps,gestures, postures, styles and expressions performed or learned in Indian Classical Dance styles makes one flexible, expressive and moulds one in such a way that he or she can perform any dance style in the world.

Such a fabulous dance form is Bharatnatyam too. The oldest and popular form of Southern India characterized by a linear form of body without any pronounced movement of upper body, which makes the dance form extremely dynamic and powerful.

The attire of dancers is made of kanchipuram and banaras silk and lot of ornaments with shinning stones on neck, ears, hands and garland in hair. Bharatnatyam is based on Carnatik Classical music played with the instruments like Veena, Violin, Mridangam and Flute. ‘Nattuvaram’, a person gives the dance directions i.e. ‘Thaalam’ using hand symbols singing ‘Vaayathari’.
 We have world famous Bharatnatyam performing male and female artists and Nattuvaram too.

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