Being Human - Be Calm, Be Happy Posted By Pooja Yaduvir

Being Human - Be Calm, Be Happy
As I started from home for office ,just  after 50 meters  on the main road a car almost scraped through mine. Agitated and irritated I hurled an array of abuses at the driver. After couple of seconds realizing that he had already shot past and gone way too far to even be seen, I calmed myself and normalized the driving. Now if we rethink and analyze the whole incident, few very important aspects are revealed.  Lets try to see the incident through different perspectives. 

ME- I really thought that the driver was a reckless idiot who didn’t care about his life or mine and was even arrogant enough to not even slow down and may be apologize.  I was full of anguish and anger.  And believe me, this man had given me an enormous amount of stress in a span of just few seconds .
HIM- What about him? His action clearly showed that he was driving rash, however, if we hypothetically think that may be his son is in hospital and he has to rush to hospital asap to save his life.  Maybe he is a doctor and rushing for an emergency call. Or yes in mere carelessness he scraped through the car. Now if we see the different perspectives did my reaction do any good for me?  Could I be efficient all day long? 

Well I think I gave my happiness away over something which was beyond my control.  Iwas perturbed by someone’s actions whom I didn’t even know.  I understand I was also scared to death and my abuses were a reaction to that fear too, but those few moments impacted my whole day.  Was it worth it? Would have had been a better if I had empathized with the driver.  Now, the point to ponder is what if he was a reckless driver than why empathize? It was his fault then why let him go?

But dear friends in situations where we are not aware of the facts and have no control over,  it is always better to think positive and seek positivity in whatever is happening. So next time you experience such situation, just think once that is my being disturbed or reacting going to help? If yes then let it be only a happy one. Be calm ,Be happy.Lets be the being in human being.   

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