Become A Game Developer And Get Paid For Playing Video Games! Posted By Amit

Become A Game Developer And Get Paid For Playing Video Games!
When I was younger, I loved playing video games.  My brother and I would spend hours in front of our Classic Nintendo System and play Super Mario Brothers.  Our summers were filled with playing video games and our mother yelling at us to get up and go outside in the sun.  As we got older, the systems changed to N64, then Sega, Playstation, etc.  The games also became more complex, like Golden Eye, where the controller vibrated in your hand, every time you shot somebody on the screen.  That game came out years ago, and today the games are even more complex and more realistic than ever before.  I bowed out of playing video games, when life became too busy.  But I know my brother still plays his video games.  Like today, he’s playing Startcraft 2: Legacy of the void.  God, knows what that game is like! 

We all play video games today, whether it is on our mobile phones, tablets or computer.  I often see the auto rickshaw walla’s playing angry birds on their phone while they wait for me.  And even my mother plays Farmville on her macbook.  Of course, there are those who are hard core gamers and play games like, Overwatch or The Witcher 3, for instance. 

So, "what you ask?  What is my point?" 

Okay, maybe you love playing video games or you have a son/daughter who loves playing them.  But, have you ever thought about making a career out of video games?  You can become game designer after completing 
game designing courses in pune.

“WHAT?”, you ask.

Game developers are highly sought out individuals.  The market is booming in this field, as graphic designers, programmers, 3D developers, testers and much more are needed to develop a popular video game.  There are schools popping up that can teach you everything you need to know, so that you too can start a rewarding career as a game developer.  Take classes for 3D drawing, programming, designing, storyboard development and much more.  Begin exploring this area that could be your future career and see how playing video games can put money in your wallet.    

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