Be Careful What You Absorb In Massage Therapy Posted By Sheelu

Be Careful What You Absorb In Massage Therapy
Imagine your body turning into jelly or feeling like jelly because you are in such a relaxed state, you become two dimensional; just gliding along.  Have you experienced such a state?  I’m not talking about anything spiritual or meditative states. In fact, achieving this level of relaxedness isn’t even in your hands.  It is in the hands of your masseur, who hopefully is extremely skilled at making you turn into putty under their expert hands, working up and down your body. 

As this industry starts to boom, and more people seek out alternative methods, it becomes important that as a masseur entering this field , you take the responsibility seriously and develop all the skills necessary.  As a masseur working with people intimately, you need to have a good understanding of people, their psychology, their emotions and energy.  When you give massages, whether you are aware of it or not, you are passing on your energy into their bodies and releasing toxins in the form of blocked or negative energies.  So it is a double edged sword for you, the masseur.  Not only do you need to be in a calm, relaxed and empty state of mind, you need to make sure you do not absorb the client’s negative energies, which you will be releasing. 

Learning to become a massage therapist by joining massage therapy courses in pune or massage therapy courses in mumbai They offer you the specifics of giving a massage, but in order to be a skilled masseur, you need to develop the skill to become empty and place yourself in state of calm and peace.  If you ask anybody who has had a massage, most will tell you that some massages were great, while others were not so good. The difference lies solely in the hands of the masseur.  If you can put yourself in that state of inner calm, then the energy that pours out your fingers as you release built up tensions in the client’s body gets replaced by the calming energy you pour into them.  So, as you learn about spa therapy course in pune /massage therapy courses in pune in your program, take the time to learn how to cleanse yourself with some meditation or pranayama, as this is what will help you build a reputation in the industry as the best masseuse, which will have clients demanding you and you only. 

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