Attend Workshops To Satisfy Your Learning Curiosity Posted By Amit

Attend Workshops To Satisfy Your Learning Curiosity
Everything is instantaneous today.  You want to know something, you instantly Google it and get the information you seek.  It is the era of getting everything at your fingertips in an instant.  In fact, this generation is called, “the instant gratification” generation, since they are so hooked on the “likes” they get from their Facebook pages.  This idea of everything instantly has trickled down into learning as well.  
We are all so busy with the many activities our lives seem to be made up of, that even if we wanted to join a class to learn something new, we can’t seem to fit it into our schedule.  This holds true for businesses as well, who need to constantly train their employees but can’t afford to send them for training for weeks or months on end.  This need has created an increase in the number of workshops being held all over the city.  If you want to learn how to make crafts for example, you no longer have to join a crafts class for months together, you can attend a one or two day workshop and satisfy your curiosity for making crafts.  The same principle can be applied to businesses and corporations.  If you find that your employees are lacking in communication skills, you can easily sign them up for a one-day workshop on building communication skills.  But there are disadvantages to this type of learning as well.  
You can attend a workshop and learn the knowledge you were searching for, but the responsibility falls on your shoulders to follow up and complete the learning process.  So, for example, if you attended a two day workshop on stress management, you need to apply your newly found knowledge to incidents in real life.  It is not something that is learned and forgotten.  So, while you can learn to make beautiful paper flowers in a one day workshop.  The responsibility of developing this skill and building your talent for the art of flower making is solely on you.
So, while attending workshops can solve your quick fix need to learn something new.  It is not the last step to the learning process. You need to make time to further improve and expand your knowledge of the subject, if you want to become an expert on the topic.  But if you are seeking to satisfy your curiosity and see if it is a subject worth further exploring then workshops are perfect for that.  

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