Are We Gonna Kill The Ravana Within This Dussehra??? Posted By Gunjan

Are We Gonna Kill The Ravana Within This Dussehra???
India is the land of festivals. People in India celebrate every festival with the zeal. Even this time with the series of festivals, we are ready to welcome Dussehra or VijayaDashmi to celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil.  Different rituals are to be performed such as worshiping the appliances i.e. machines, weapons,vehicles etc., making and burning of effigy of Demon King Ravana, playing Ramleelas and so on.. But have we ever thought of Ravana Within us ??? Year by year as Dussehra appears and we celebrate it in the same manner without noticing the fact and the concept behind the whole thought.

Victory of good over evil does not only mean killing of Ravana by Ram, rather it Questions on our Character of being Good or Bad Inside ??

Most of the people observe fasts, go to the Temples/Mosques/ Church/ Gurudwaras to worship their Gods and pray. But have we ever noticed that all of us really perform the Virtuous Deeds only ?  Don’t we ever cheat upon someone? Don’t we make others feel inferior? Do we treat the poor & Beggars same as us? Are we always nice with each and everybody? The Answer is Noooooo!!

We always want to give our children Higher Education, but do we teach them moral values? Apart from telling, do we set examples of respecting elders, not to abuse anyone, respecting women, being soft with our servants? Never. How your child will learn being good from Inside until he has seen you being one?  This the Ultimate Concept of celebrating Dussehra is to kill the Ravana Inside rather to burn the effigies and celebrate it.

No wonder we never even think of our evil acts whether small or big.  We always have something to say about other people.  But who is going to Judge You? Why cannot we accept the success of others?

We attend lots of gatherings, parties, ceremonies, kitty parties or funerals. We always have more and more to say about others. But at funerals we always Admire the Person who Died!!!!  How Shameful it is!!

Can’t we seriously appreciate or value or give a gesture of THANK  YOU to the person who is live, the one who takes care of us, one who remembers, one who admires, one who helps us in certain ways knowingly or unknowingly, one who waits for us, one who is worried when we are not around, one who serves us tea, one who takes care of our vehicles, the Elder, the Younger , Senior or Junior, Anyone??

What we are teaching to the Future of our Nation??? 

This Dussehra let's make an effort to kill the Demon within. Take a note or just recall your Bad Qualities or Bad Habits and wipe out one of those on this day.  Groom yourself internally and develop such little gestures in your personality.

Make yourself people friendly, admiring and valuing others.  Re-build your moral hood and let your child learn the true Human Values.

Happy Dussehra!!    

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Sourabh11 October 2016
Very true. Beautifully described.