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AntiGravity Aerial Yoga - Therapy
AntiGravity Therapy 

We are all aware of the benefits yoga has to offer, but AntiGravity therapy has a whole new array of benefits, specially for people suffering from particular health problems.Here we take a look at some of those specific benefits in details, so as to help you understand AntiGravity Therapy better.

AntiGravity Therapy for Spine Problems

One of the major benefits of Anti Gravity Therapy is that it offers spinal realignment with the opportunity of zero compression inversions. Usually people suffering cervical spine problems are unable to do yoga postures like the headstand (Sirasana), but Gravity therapy makes this possible. There is no further stress or damage to the neck or spine as the inversions are performed in a suspended form with the help of hammock. The pelvis rests securely on the hammock during the inversions, so as to improve length and provide spinal decompression. Anti Gravity therapy in such cases very helpful in healing an already sore neck and spine.

People suffering from herniated discs and spondylosis problems and even those who have undergone surgery for the same have reported great relief after practicing Anti Gravity Therapy as compared to other exercise routines like regular cardio, weight training etc. Anti Gravity Therapy decompresses the joints and spine creating a space between previously arthritic joints, which provides a great relief to sufferers. Hanging upside down in the hammock provides a good natural traction to the compressed discs, which can be very therapeutic. Muscle spasms, one of the primary symptoms of spondylosis, can also be treated effectively Anti Gravity Therapy increases overall spinal strength and flexibility, which is beneficial in the long run. 

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