Amazon Delivery? Nope! Classes Delivered At Your Doorstep! Posted By Sajeela

Amazon Delivery?  Nope!  Classes Delivered At Your Doorstep!
I am a big fan of getting massages. Nothing feels more heavenly than having somebody knead out those knots and tensions in your shoulders and back.  Who needs to get drunk when after two hours with a massage therapist leaves you feeling drunk on relaxation and contentment?  I used to go these sessions about twice a month.  One day, my massage therapist told me that yoga might be perfect for me.  I was a little weary about it because I was already cutting out time from my schedule just for these massage sessions, but then she told me that she recently got certified as a yoga trainer and conducts private yoga classes for people in their homes or if I could get a group of 5 or 6 people together in my society, then she could come to our clubhouse and hold weekly classes for us.  
It wasn’t like she would be losing me as a client because she would be teaching me yoga, which would release the knots and tensions in my body and keep me physically fit, unlike our massage sessions.   I told her I would look into it and see if I couldn’t get together a bunch of people in my society to perhaps sign up for yoga classes at their doorstep.  
I asked our society chairman if we could perhaps use the clubhouse twice a week for yoga classes and he replied that it shouldn’t be a problem.  So, with the OK from our society chairman, I posted a notice on our bulletin board and a sent a message to the society members on my Whats App group.  Although my massage therapist only needed 5 or 6 minimum to come and conduct yoga classes at our doorstep, I had about 20 people willing to sign up and wanted more information.  
That was over a year ago.  My massage therapist, now my yoga instructor, has been coming regularly to our society four times a week, conducting two morning sessions and two evening sessions weekly.  She was right, Yoga definitely helped with all the stress and tension I was carrying around from my busy and stressful schedule.  But I definitely miss those amazing massage sessions with her, but now she can’t fit me into her busy schedule with all the yoga sessions she conducts for several societies around my neighborhood.  

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