Aishwarya, Madhuri, And Kajol – What do they have in Common? Posted By Rupali

Aishwarya, Madhuri, And Kajol – What do they have in Common?
Even famous and successful actresses, once they become mothers, turn all their attention and devote themselves to motherhood.  But after the initial years and the children are grown up and have started living their own lives with school and hobby classes, a mother starts to feel an emptiness slowly creep in.  But the thought of returning to work is not possible because their children still need that support and structure in their home life. So, many once before, career women, now mothers, devote themselves to their families and ignore that feeling and the want to do something.
If this need and desire is left unattended, the possibility of become unhappy and bitter are greater. So what can you do to make this a win-win situation for all those involved?

The Answer
Since the possibility of going back to work full time is not plausible and part-time work can work for some and not for others. There is an area that you can enter into and make your own hours, earn some money, but the main thing is going back to doing what you loved to do before you became a wife and mother. Teaching is a beautiful and rewarding field to get into. So, if you were a graphic designer before you became a mother and child, you can set up classes to teach those entering the field or wishing to enter the field. Share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring graphic designers so that they can enter the field with tips and techniques they learn from an expert, who was in the field such as you. You can probably teach them things that a school cannot, with real life examples and stories. So, whether you were a soft skills trainer, a model, professional dancer or software developer, why not teach your skills and knowledge of the industry to those looking at developing those skills or wanting to know about that field. Become a coach/mentor/teacher and share what you know, while doing something about that tiny voice inside you that wants to get out into the world again. Set your own hours so that you teach as little or as much as you want.

Getting Started  
There is no need to worry about how to start doing all this. There is a new online learning portal, called Classboat, that is committed to helping teachers and learners meet. So simply go to their website and register your class and they will send you the students who want to learn what you have to offer. Get back into your life and do what you loved doing by teaching others and discover the joys of this new profession.

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Sanjay28 June 2016
Vaishali27 June 2016
it is true.. nobody talks about how mother's feel. thank you.