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Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Philippines
MBBS is one of the most coveted degrees in the world as it provides people an incredible opportunity to serve fellow humans by curing and saving their lives. This is one of the fundamental reasons why becoming a Doctor is often perceived as one of the noblest professions in the world. This fact serves as inspiration for millions of teenagers in India who aspire to pursue MBBS degree for themselves within as well as outside India. There are many countries which have emerged as destination of choice for MBBS aspirants and among them Philippines is one of the most preferred one.

Philippines has some distinct advantages over other countries like Russia, US, UK, Australia, Nepal etc. which has contributed to its meteoric rise Philippines as sought after country for MBBS aspirants. Philippines was under colonial rule of Spain and later US for many decades. US colonial rule ensured that American education system made its inroads in the country. Today Philippines has more than 2000 higher medical institutions and 40 medical colleges and it is home to thousands of international students from around world, off which more than 50% are from India. MBBS in Philippines is structured similar to US and degree which is being offered is MD (much like US) which is equivalent to MBBS from India. This is degree is duly recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) also. But yes after completion of this degree, Indian students would be required to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) to start practicing in India or to appear for 
post graduate entrance examinations.

Cost is another significant factor which comes into picture while pursuing higher professional education. And this factor works really well in favor of this South East Asian nation as overall tuition fee is approximately 15 Lakh rupees for entire course and other expenses come round 10 Lakh rupees. Overall, degree comes home at a paltry amount of 25 Lakh rupees which is almost one fifth of the cost of pursuing the same in India. This factor makes the degree incredibly high value for money preposition. Besides this, since Philippines is a tropical country – its spectrum of commonly occurring health issues and their causes is very similar to India. This comes as big boon for Indian students as after completion of the degree, it will be very convenient for them to start practicing in India. Besides these factors, convenient availability of Indian food acts as blessing for Indian students which helps them in acclimating well in the country. This will ensue that they can focus really well on studies and academic rigors.

Philippines also boasts speaking population as it is the third largest 
English Speaking nation in India with highest literacy rate. Patients who can converse in English boost the learning curve for students and help them in grabbing the fundamentals better.

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