Adding Color To Your Life With Mehndi Art Posted By Rupali

Adding Color To Your Life With Mehndi Art
When I was younger, we had a henna tree in our backyard.  My mother or aunt would pick the leaves and grind it up and put it on everybody’s hands, with simple dotted designs. That was the extent of designs back then.  But, it was something we all looked forward to.  We would have it done at night after dinner and then rinse it off in the morning.  I can still remember the smell of the leaves and the color on my hands. 
Today, we have no longer have to grow the tree to put henna on our hands.  We have mehendi cones and exquisite mehndi designs with intricate artwork.  You are not just a regular person who draws mehendi on people’s hands, but a mehendi artist.  Learning to draw mehndi is a form of art, which is learned just like any other art, such as drawing or painting.  People of all ages can explore their creativity and artistic potential with this Indian tradition of drawing mehendi.  There are so many designs to learn from and it is not just hands that one draw mehndi.  You can choose to cover your whole arm, feet, legs, and even body work with colorful designs.  Henna designs have come a long way over the ages.  Find best mehendi classes in pune on

The types of designs you can learn to draw today, in a mehendi class include:

  •     Arabic
  •     Pakistani
  •     Indo-Arabic
  •     Moroccan
  •     Glitter
  •     Mughlai
  •     Bridal
  •     Multi Colored

Drawing mehndi, a tradition, which has been part of our culture has evolved into something even more beautiful than in the past.  Children and adults alike get excited at the prospect of having mehndi drawn on their hands during celebrations and holidays.  And there is always one person in every family, who is the mehndi artist that everybody turns to. But this type of artistry can be easily learned by anyone, anyone wishing to explore their creativity.  Creative expressions, which can be displayed as art on one’s own body. 

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