Acts Of Violence And Terrorism In Our Society And World Posted By NIvedita

Acts Of Violence And Terrorism In Our Society And World
It seems everywhere we turn there is some kind of terrorist activity happening.  We can’t seem to escape the cycle of violence that has plagued mankind for thousands of years.  Wars in the name of religion, patriotism and borders have long followed us like a shadow.  How is one supposed to feel safe in such troubling times?  Are our children and their future safe?  

With the recent high alert in place due to the suspicious individuals seen lurking around in Mumbai, it makes one wonder, why mankind is prone to acts of violence and cruelty, instead of practicing love and peace, which is at the root of all religions.  How are such so called religious groups justifying their actions of violence and cruelty?  Has the fabric of morality and our own conscience faded away like sands in an hourglass?  

God did not invent religion. We, human kind did and in doing so separated what was created in equality into different groups, races, gender and religions.  One who believes in God, or a higher power in any terms cannot have it in their hearts to practice such acts of violence and blame it on God.  If there is any good left in the world, it is proof that God still exists.  The proof exists in the few individuals who practice kindness and love.  They spread their love and compassion on all those they meet without judgement.  Such depths of love and compassion can only come from an individual who has seen/felt the godliness that lies within each one of us.  This clarity reveals to the person the divinity that exists in each and every individual and thing.  When you can see godliness all around you, there is no possibility of you causing harm to any living and breathing thing, whether it is a person, nature or animal.  

The acts of violence in the world may be out of control, but we can change the world around us easily by simply discovering what lies within us.  It is said that in the time of Buddha, his love and compassion was so powerful that it could be felt around a 100-mile radius, changing everything and everyone within that space.  So, while you may not become a Buddha in the near future, you can certainly bring more understanding, compassion and love into your life slowly by practicing the art of meditation, thereby changing the small world that surrounds you, which has the possibility of causing a ripple effect in the years to come, ensuring a safe and loving world for our grandchildren or great grandchildren.


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