A Privileged Career In Hotel Management Posted By Snehal

A Privileged Career In Hotel Management
Today on Classboat I saw listing of best hotel management colleges in Mumbai. It was like  a sweet reminder of my last trip.Remember the last vacation you went on?  What made it great?  Perhaps it was the location, the resort, the food or the people. 

I recently went on a vacation with my husband to a beach side BnB and it was the most amazing long overdue trip, I’ve been on in a while.  The people of the quaint village, the resort and the beautiful beach were the things that made this trip memorable.  I can still recollect the feelings sitting here as I type this blog.  

We all need a break from our busy hectic lives to escape somewhere for a few weeks, days or even an evening.  Therefore, the place we choose to relax and escape to, has to be filled with people that are warm and welcoming.  With today’s busy lifestyle, many of us choose to dine out, to relax and enjoy the scrumptious meals prepared.  The service, the ambience of the restaurant and the food all add to the experience we get out of our night out.  

Similarly, when we go on a vacation to escape from the pressures of our daily life, we want to go to a place where we can relax and have fun with our friends and families.  For example, my husband and I once went on a vacation to a hill station, where the hotel was not the greatest, (online booking), the reception, the service and the food was all less than decent.  It did not matter that the place was beautiful because we could not relax in the place we had booked to stay in during the duration of our stay, unlike our most recent beach vacation, which was heavenly.  

The tourism, restaurant and hotel industry all have one thing in common, which is to provide excellent and clean customer service.  A failure to deliver this will leave a bad impression on the guests, which they will happily share with their friends and family.  Being in the field of hotel management, is a privilege bestowed upon you, as you become responsible for the experience the person has while in your establishment, whether restaurant, hotel or resort.  So, before deciding to enroll in hotel management colleges in pune take a deep breath and let this privilege sink fully into you,  then start your hotel management course in pune which will enable you to start a a career in  creating memories filled with happiness in the lives of the people you serve.  

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