A Personal Impression - Hand Writing Posted By Ravi

A Personal Impression - Hand Writing
A good handwriting is an appeal to good scores. Most of the people will agree with the initials because hand written things create personal impression on one’s mind. We can see beautifully hand written cards, envelops and letter or sticky notes which attracts ones’ eye. Handwriting is writing or alphabetical fonts created by a person with a tool such as pencil, pen, and marker or color pen. It should not be mixed with Calligraphy and artistic fonts.
Handwriting is much like a person’s fingerprints as each individual has identical handwriting and signature. Even 4 members in a family have different handwriting from each other. It comes with how did one got to learn to write, the art of holding a pen is far different from the one who taught us the way to hold, also depending upon the pressure of pen upon the page while writing.

Factors like slope of letters, size, thickness, pressure to paper and rhythmic repetition all these factors develop one’s way of creating his or her hand writing. Variability of handwriting can be seen in every individual. Children often mix letters appearing same like “capital and small L, I, T, G, Y, O, A, “  etc.

Schools conduct Good Handwriting completions, where children practice for it to win the competition which again helps in improving their own. Attractive one’s with neat and clean work obviously win the competition. In Summer Camps also, one can let their kid join hand writing classes to make them learn how to write or how to improve hand writing.

Apart from these, daily basis classes are also available in our city to let the kids learn the same at instant, also home tutors come to your home to make you improve on the same at your home sweet home. 

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