A Licence to Hack Posted By Gaurav

A Licence to Hack
Day before yesterday I heard the latest NEWS about Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account got hacked! I got so amazed after hearing such thing. Even the accounts of Minister level people are not safe. Is it so easy to hack accounts that anyone can do it. It connects me to ethical hacking about what I have heard that various organizations these days are hiring hackers to improve system security. You can learn ethical hacking at ethical hacking course in pune.

Though these ethical hackers receive the same criticism as other hackers until their profile is well known to one. Few people believe that there is no such term like ethical hacking because hacking is hacking no matter how you look at it. Well everyone has his own perception.

An ethical hacker has to follow few norms in his work such as

maintaining the privacy of company or individual,
² not leaving anything open it must be closed whether completed or not and
² need to express written permissions to identify security risks.

Ethical hackers differ so far from normal hackers; The purpose is to evaluate the security of a network or system’s infrastructure and to exploit the malicious activities. May it be but the matter of fact is hacking is fascinating youth to indulge into such activities more and more. Teenagers get easily influenced by hacking as they get so curious to know inside stories of their friends and competitors and close circles, which attracts them to know all about hacking. Ethical hacking institute in pune offers training and skills needed to be a successful ethical hacker.

Few of them choose the right way and become ethical hackers who work the sake of organizations. E
thical hacking course in pune  are available for the learners looking forward to it which will help organizations to stop malicious activities and identifying potential threats on a computer or network so as to minimize or eliminate such attacks.

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