3,2,1, Your Audition Begins Now Posted By Rosa

3,2,1,  Your Audition Begins Now
If you have seen the TV show, Friends, then you know about Joey Tribbiani.  The episode when he goes for an audition, which there are many of, so let me be more specific.  The episode when he waits for a long time for his turn to audition and during that time he ends up having to go to the bathroom really bad but he gets called in for his turn to audition.  So, he rushes through his lines, just so he could go to finish and go the bathroom.  His urgency eventually leads to him getting the part and he ends up relieving himself on the spot.  I laughed so hard during that episode, but then Joey always makes you laugh. Prepare for these auditions in acting classes in pune
If you are an aspiring actor or actress then you know full well how daunting an audition can be.  Whether you rehearse your lines for the audition or prepare a monologue, every audition could be the ticket to the start of your success in the industry.  If you are auditioning for a play, then standing up on that stage, with the spotlight on you, as you go through your monologue can be filled with anxiety.  The director, writer, producer sitting there with blank faces, no expression, and no emotions, can make you feel like a failure before you even begin.  Or, if you are auditioning for a film or TV show, standing in the studio auditioning for your part can be an equally frightful experience. Get the right training and skills in acting classes in pune and acting classes in mumbai
But then again, this is where your lessons from you acting classes come to save you.  The tips your teachers would have given you for exactly this situation will give you the support you need and confidence to speak boldly and clearly with dramatic flair.  Because just as a computer engineer goes for an interview for his job, you are doing the same.  Your interviews are just a bit different, that’s all.  Auditions are nothing more than an attempt to see if you are the talent the producers and director are looking for.  The same way a company sees if the graduate is a qualified computer engineer.  So, prepare for your auditions with all you have learned from your acting institute in pune and practice your lines or monologue and go out there and give it all you have because you might be the next superstar the world is waiting for.  

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