2018 Beauty Trends you can’t live without Posted By Amit

2018 Beauty Trends you can’t live without
Beauty Classes, courses in make-up are always required with the rising need for beauticians and hair-dressers. The more training you undergo and skills you hone, bigger will be your clientele. For this, it is important that you learn from the best, and try to garner maximum knowledge and insight into the current trends and practices. And what better way to do this than to enroll with the top beauty parlour courses in Pune?
Apart from theoretical knowledge, what matters in the make-up industry is the ability to identify current trends and incorporate them in your work. That’s what your clients will be looking for, right? To make your job a bit easier, here are the top 5 beauty trends for 2018: -
1). Minimalistic Make-up
Go for that summer-favourite peach or a simple nude this year. Monochrome and skin-blending shades shall do the trick. “Simple” is the way to go in 2018!
2). Eyelash extensions
Those dramatic eyelashes are back…and how! Fashion shows, ramps, and runways will be drop-dead theatrical, thanks to those long, bold eyelash extensions that add depth to any look!
3). Bold lip colours
Yes, on one hand there is the minimalistic trend, while on the other we see bold lip colours making a statement. Let your days glisten with subtlety, and paint your evenings with those deep reds and maroons. Carry those bold lip colours with class and oomph!
4). Shiny Lip Gloss
Add that extra touch of jazz to your lips with a smooth and glistening lip gloss. A light coat of a good lip gloss will provide your lips with the right amount of hydration, and complement your lip colour perfectly.
5). Healthy, lustrous hair
Hydrated, rich-looking hair can never go out of style. Smooth, elegantly flowing locks will always work as that X-factor in your look. So make sure to pamper your hair with the best-suiting products. You can amp up your look in 2018 with some quirky streaks and off-beat haircuts. Dare to go for those electric pinks or peacock blues?
There is so much you can experiment with when it comes to beauty and make-up. So why not take some good make-up classes in Pune, Mumbai and work on yourself, and also be creative with your clients? Plus, the industry makes for some really good money-earning sources! So check out the best beauty classes in Pune and give your hidden make-up talents a chance to shine!